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Dazzlers Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver, Hearts Harmony Ball
Dazzlers Harmony Necklace,...
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Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver Stars & Moons on Gold Enamel
Harmony Necklace, Sterling Silver...
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Harmony Necklace, Butterflies on Sterling Silver Ball | Dazzlers
Harmony Necklace, Butterflies on...
Sale: $44.06
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Harmony Necklace Moon & Stars on Silver Chime Ball | Dazzlers
Harmony Necklace Moon & Stars on...
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Under $50 Sterling Silver Harmony Necklace range

Excellent Value Dazzlers Sterling Silver Harmony Necklace range UNDER $50

Dazzlers offer over 100 Quality Harmony Necklace and Pregnancy Necklace designs 'Hand Made' Sterling Silverranging between $25 and $45 and many with Genuine Gemstones. Excellent Value for Quality Harmony Ball Necklaces crafted in Sterling Silver including hinged cage, solid case and antiqued styles as well as gorgeous Birthstone Harmony Necklaces featuring natural gemstones - all wonderful keepsakes, many are unique so are that much more special .... and affordable.


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Outstanding Value in the Dazzlers Harmony Necklaces under $50 range.

Our Under $50 Dazzlers Harmony Necklace range offers outstanding value particularly considering the harmony ball pendants used in this category are each Artisan crafted from genuine 925 Sterling Silver and many of them include genuine gemstones. This range includes the hinged cage style, in 2 designs, featuring a colored chime ball as well as being set with a gemstone, and the traditional Balinese style with a solid Sterling Silver skin.

Sizes of Harmony Ball pendants available in this category; Available sizes in the hinged cage style range are 3/4" (18mm/20mm) and sizes in the solid Traditional Balinese style range are 1/2" (12mm), 5/8" (14mm), 3/4" (18mm/20mm)

Who wears a Harmony Necklace? they are worn generally by those looking to add some 'harmony' into their lives and are also often worn by women during their pregnancy, with some reported benefits (see this article), and hence is sometimes referred to as a pregnancy necklace. Often case a harmony necklace becomes a family keepsake jewelry piece, handed down from mother to daughter.

Types of Harmony Ball;

Hinged Cage style: this style consists of a hinged Sterling Silver cage into which a chime ball is placed. The chime ball as its name suggests creates the chime sound. These hinged cages come in a number of different ornate designs. The chime ball can be made of different materials including sterling silver and polished brass and also brass enameled in different colors. This style almost always includes a gemstone set on the extended pillar of the cage pendant. With a variety of cage types, chime ball colors and Gemstone selection the numerous combinations allow the purchaser to choose a style and look that suits them, their personality. It also allows expecting mothers to choose a gemstone that relates to the expected birth month of their baby.

Traditional Balinese style: this style is a 'solid' harmony ball, made in two halves with the chime ball placed inside and then the two halves are soldered together. Made from Sterling Silver each and every piece of ornate silver work on the outer skin on most styles is hand placed by the Artisan, an amazing skill considering how fine much of this ornate silver work actually is. Many of these styles are also available as 'antiqued' which produces a stunning look with the highlighted silver work against the dark ball. It is the appreciation of this skill of the Artisan in hand making each individual Harmony Ball that adds to its charm.

More details about this amazing style of jewelry can be found in our articles listed at the bottom of the page.