Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Earrings

Harmony Ball Earrings | Sterling Silver

Harmony Ball Pendants are typically worn as necklaces however the unique  charm of the Harmony Ball is also available as Earrings.


The Balinese Harmony Ball worn as a Harmony Necklace makes a soft chiming sound with the wearer’s movement. These pendants originate in Balinese and Mayan cultures and have become a popular form of jewellery in recent years throughout the world. The typical Harmony Ball varies in size from about 12mm through to 30mm in diameter and up to 50 mm in length including the stem on a Dream Ball. It is the small 12mm Harmony Balls that are used for making earrings. As  is the case with most Harmony Balls and Dream Balls the earrings are hand made from sterling silver by village silversmiths using traditional  methods handed down through many generations.
Combining Harmony Ball Earrings with a Harmony Ball Pendant Necklace creates the perfect matching set. These Harmony Ball earrings come in many different styles and generally reflect designs of traditional cultural symbols representing significant life meanings and things like flowers and butterflies. The ornate designs of the Harmony Ball earrings coupled with the gentle soothing chime sound make them a very desirable jewellery item.

The soft chiming sound of the traditional harmony ball is said to soothe  the wearer, reducing stress and anxiety. The Dream Ball combines the chiming ball of the Harmony Ball pendant with a hollow pipe like stem at  the top of the pendant. In Balinese culture a wearer of a Dream Harmony  Ball will write down their dreams and / or aspirations on a small piece  of paper or parchment and roll it to fit inside the hollow stem of the pendant. This is then sealed with a gemstone as the cap at the end of the pipe-like stem. This stem and the use of the gemstones generally differentiates the standard harmony ball pendant from the more ornate dream ball pendant.

So now you can wear harmony ball earrings with your harmony ball pendant  to have the matching look.

Please enjoy your shopping for your Harmony Ball, we are sure you will find that special angel caller or bola necklace here in our site.

Author: Mike OShannessy - 2016/8/27 Publisher: Dazzlers Harmony Necklace