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Harmony Necklace, 'Beehive' Motifs on Sterling Silver Chime Ball

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My name is Nadia, I'm an Italian girl who lives in England. I am almost two months pregnant and for my baby and my first pregnancy I was looking for a special harmony capsule according to tradition. here in England it is not a widespread custom and so I thought about searching on the internet. I discovered this site and took a look at the articles and the presentation. it is well cared for and the descriptions of each pendant are very detailed, with corresponding photos that leave little doubt about the authenticity of the products and the site itself, as well as the available contacts such as mail or telephone number. I was hesitant about the distance, but I sent a message and I received the kind and professional answer that I had no more doubts about my purchase done safely and with confirmation e-mail. The object arrived at the established times if not before and it is wonderful. The Harmony capsule has a very sweet sound and a processing is precise and of quality, more than the expectations and the presentation through the photos of the site. those who follow the shipment are honest and accurate and the package arrives well packaged and presented with attention to detail with above all a certificate of authenticity and quality.
I also found a pleasant surprise of good luck for my son, all protected and carefully closed.
for me it was an important purchase that will accompany me on this journey and will accompany my child even after his birth, so I wanted it to be special and thanks to you is just as I wanted it.
thank you for the professionalism and quality of your work but above all for the affection with which you respond to those who want to be your buyer.
I will always carry part of your heart with me thanks to this pendant.
you're good.

with gratitude. Nadia
Date Added: 07/09/2019 by Nadia