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Origin and Meaning of the Harmony Necklace

Shop over 150 Fabulous Harmony Necklace styles for expecting mothers. A Harmony Ball worn as a Pregnancy Necklace have been used in various cultures for centuries by pregnant women and hence a harmony ball pendant is often called a pregnancy harmony ball. Women in Bali and Mexico are known to have traditionally worn a harmony ball necklace as expecting Mothers.

Pregnant women wearing harmony balls

A Harmony Necklace, also called Angel Caller or Bola Necklace, or commonly referred to as a Pregnancy Necklace in some cultures, typically is made from sterling silver and contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, not unlike the sound of wind charms in a very soft breeze. Some harmony necklaces are also adorned with gemstones so an expectant mother can wear her chiming harmony ball as a Birthstone necklace when matching a gemstone to the expected birth month of her child, making her pregnancy necklace even more special.

The harmony necklace for pregnancy is generally worn by expecting Mothers on very long necklace chains or cords so that the harmony ball itself rests on the swollen abdomen of the pregnant woman. It is said that from about 16-20 weeks into the pregnancy that the unborn baby will hear the soft chimes sound coming from the harmony ball. The soft chiming sound is said to soothe the unborn baby and can even have calming benefits for the mother to be - refer to this article for specific 'Benefits of wearing a Harmony Ball during and after pregnancy'.


chiming harmony ball 

chiming harmony ball 

Mother & Baby Harmony Necklace represents Perfectly the Bond between a Mother and her Baby

the internal Harmony Chime Ball on this Artisan Crafted exclusive design Harmony Necklace creates a beautiful soothing soft chiming sound with movement.


Harmony Ball necklaces are sometimes called different names in different cultures or societies, names like chime ball, chime pendant, druid balls, Mexican Bolas, Bali Harmony Balls and similar names. Even though the word ball is usually associated with a harmony ball pendant these pendants can come in many other shapes some typically are the shape of a heart, a starfish or some other animal symbol however they are still invariably referred to as harmony ball pendants.

Sizes can vary with some harmony balls being tiny pendants, no more than approximately 8-10mm (1/4-3/8") in diameter (one wonders how the tiny bell is inserted into such a small harmony ball) and can be as large as one wants however the typical size of a sterling silver harmony ball pendant is about 18-27mm diam (3/4-1"). Harmony Balls do not necessarily need to be made from sterling silver however it is by far and away the choice for most having a number of distinct advantages over other metals.

The sterling silver harmony balls come in various styles that include a "solid" sterling silver ball (with the small bell inside) that can be a smooth polished finish or be a cast casing that is finished with ornate designs. Some harmony necklace designs involve a sterling silver "cage" which is usually of an ornate open wire design which allows for a smaller solid harmony ball inside which can in many cases be colored. This latter style of sterling silver harmony ball comes in many different styles created by regional artisans reflecting jewellery making styles and traditions from that region.

Pregnant women wearing harmony balls

A Pregnancy Necklace is often worn for a period of time after the birth of the child. The mother will often shorten the necklace so that the harmony ball pendant is situated between her throat and her breasts so that it can be played with by the child whilst breast feeding or the soothing sound of the pregnancy harmony necklace emanates as the mother gently rocks her baby to sleep. In some cases the pregnancy harmony ball pendant is passed on from mother to daughter and becomes a treasured family heirloom.

In this modern world the harmony ball necklace is becoming a very popular piece of fashion jewellery. Harmony Balls can be found in abundance at jewellery online stores and in some regular jewellery stores. The variety available allows for a choice of style for the discerning woman. Sterling silver harmony ball pendants combined with a sterling silver chain make a beautiful harmony ball necklace. The harmony necklace designs that have a colored ball in an open sterling silver cage style are becoming very popular indeed as the color choices allow for matching with an outfit - reds, blues, gold or silver colors, black, white and even chocolate colors look stunning against the sterling silver cage.

Pregnancy harmony necklaces are now no longer the sole domain of the pregnant woman - so many women in today’s hectic fast-paced world enjoy the calming effect of the subtle soothing chime sounds emanating from their harmony ball necklace or indeed their harmony ball bracelet. They are now regarded as a desirable item of fashion jewellery - a harmony necklace can be worn with jeans or with a wedding dress and everything in between. Finding sterling silver harmony ball necklaces is now much easier than it has been in the past, no need now to travel to Mexico or Bali or the Celtic regions - many different styles of harmony ball pendants and complete harmony necklace selections can be found on many jewellery online stores.

Harmony Ball Necklace is not exclusively worn by women who are pregnant and make wonderful Gift Ideas for special occasions including Mother's Day.

Please enjoy your shopping for your Harmony Ball Necklace, we are sure you will find that special Angel Caller or Bola Necklace here in our site. This article is subject to copyright.

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