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When worn during pregnancy by expecting mothers as a Pregnancy Necklace the harmony ball is on a long chain and rests over their 'bump' creating a soft chiming sound with movement that soothes baby in the womb.

Genuine Sterling Silver for prices many others charge for plain silver plated!!

We offer the largest range available online of over 150 Harmony Necklace designs by Dazzlers, many with genuine Gemstones, all feature a Harmony Ball creating a soft chime soothing baby and are all Artisan hand crafted in Quality 925 Sterling Silver including our Birthstone Harmony Necklace range.

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These are also worn by women who are not pregnant simply because they are beautiful jewelry pieces creating calm for the wearer. They are of the highest quality and every chiming Harmony Ball is Hand Crafted from the highest quality materials by Artisan Silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. Our extensive selection includes many Artisan crafted 'Exclusive Unique Designs' as well as our Traditional Balinese range, all of which offer 'Excellent Value'.

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TWO (2) Bonus Chains: Your Harmony Necklace is supplied complete with with 2 Chains - one is a 40" (100cm) long chain for wearing the chime ball 'over your bump' and the other chain is 20" (50cm) for wearing your harmony ball as a standard chime necklace.

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Thursday 19 December, 2019
Stunning Artisan Crafted 'UNIQUE' Harmony Necklaces by Dazzlers

At Dazzlers Harmony Necklace we take pride in the fact that we offer a more diversified and greater range than any other site on the internet or anywhere for that matter.
We are extremely pleased to be able to offer our exclusive Artisan Crafted 'UNIQUE' necklaces, designed by us and crafted with love and care in the knowledge that these are very special items of jewelry, often taking on a personal meaning, understandably given the reason many women purchase them - as a Pregnancy Necklace.

A few samples of our 'Exclusive Collection' are below - you can find many more at this link Exclusive Designs.

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I had never heard of these before but what a fabulous idea! The sound is addictive and very soothing - not a 'tinkle' at all. I gave this Harmony necklace to my very pregnant daughter this afternoon and she was stunned. We were both amazed at the workmanship and detail - a piece of art that will last generations, I'm sure. Everything about it is unique and appealing. She was listening to it for the rest of the afternoon as she shook it for her husband, me, and the dog. I can't wait for someone else to get pregnant as I now have the perfect gift idea. Thank you so much for a speedy delivery. Also, the service is friendly and personal. I love everything about this company....